Hydrocortisone 100 mg

Pharmaceutical form: Sterile powder to reconstitute to solution for injection

Presentation: X Box 1, 10 vials

Health register:

Colombia INVIMA 2014M-0003102 R1
Chile F-19054/16
Costa Rica 3101 -BY-5091
Ecuador GBE-0637-04-05
Guatemala PF-38999-2016
Honduras HN-M-0419-0070
Panama R2-73108
Peru EE-05998
R. Dominican 2007-0640

Line: Injectables

The following information only relates to Vitalis products, Pharmaceutical forms and presentations approved by regulatory entities, without mentioning uses or indications of the same, information that is reserved and exclusive for doctors and health professionals.


Complete prescriptive information available to the medical staff through the Vitalis Medical Directorate, with which you can communicate by mail cef@vitalis.com.co


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