George Di Domizio Award for the commitment in the generation of actions for the safe use of medicines

Vitalis is proud to share with you the recognition granted by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices ISMP with the George DiDomizio Award for the commitment in the generation of actions for the safe use of medications.

This award represents the highest accolade that the pharmaceutical industry could receive from an organization of global influence., dedicated entirely to improving practices for the safe use of medications, like the ISMP.

Vitalis con 45 years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of injectable drugs and presence in 20 Latin American and Asian countries, has worked hard to improve patient safety and support healthcare professionals through the prevention of medication errors. These are some of the innovative and proactive strategies that Vitalis has implemented to this end.:

  • We have incorporated into the labels and packaging of the products safety recommendations included in various guides from international organizations such as the FDA, IMSN e ISMP, with the aim of reducing the possibility of errors due to confusion between medications. Some of the features include :
    • Color differentiation with high contrast between different products and different concentrations.
    • Elimination of confusing abbreviations.
    • Orientation of texts in the same sense of use of medicines.
    • International Color Code Application (exclusively for anesthesia and intensive care syringe labels)
    • Identification on all visible faces of the packaging of our medicines (boxes).
  • We have developed an education program for health professionals, what, with the same goal, extends more secure identification to products stored in syringes, especially, in intensive care and operating room settings.

It is our commitment and our duty to produce medicines that save lives., genuinely work to raise standards of safe care and seek cooperation between the pharmaceutical industry and the broader medical community to promote safer medicines in the service of patients.

This is why, that the more than 1.400 collaborators who are part of this great team, We will continue working with passion and commitment under our higher purpose of "Providing health and quality of life to people, through sterile drugs, safe and effective", this is the commitment of Vitalis.

At Vitalis we work to prevent medication errors.



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