We have 7 production plants certified in Good Manufacturing Practices

In colombia, Mexico and Chile

We are consolidating one of the most powerful platforms in ability, quality, safety and efficacy from Latam with the best people.

Sopó Plant

Ophthalmic fluids
Liquid in human vial

Penicillins Plant

Antibiotic drugs

Plant Antibiotics and Corticosteroids

Octopus to piece together

Cephalosporins Plant, Carbapenems and Monobactams

Antibiotic drugs

Planta Pharmeservice
Queretaro, Mexico

Lyophilisates and sterile solutions

Tzinapu Plant
Queretaro, Mexico

Glass containers

Insuval Plant
Santiago and Concepcion, Chile

Pharmaceutical forms and formulations.
sterile preparations, non-sterile and officinal.
Oncological preparations and parenteral nutrition.


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