What is the Ethics Line?

It is a channel of communication, specially designed to listen to complaints in good faith that seek to report violations of the organization's Code of Conduct and Ethics, internally established policies, pharmaceutical industry codes or regulations, applicable current legislation, the reputation of the organization or its assets.

Such complaints may be made by the collaborators of Vitalis-Pharma de México, people who have a business relationship with Vitalis-Pharma de México, or people who, without having such a relationship, have knowledge of any fact that may be considered to go against the previously established guidelines.

Our commitment

We are fully committed to complying with the organization's Code of Conduct and Ethics, of the policies established internally, of the codes and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry and of the current applicable legislation.

That's why we create an environment, in which the collaborator or third party is protected from any retaliation or intimidation, when you report in good faith a suspected violation or participate in good faith in an investigation of these matters.

Download the Complaint Form

Complaint Form

Ethics Line Procedure

Send it to LineaEtica@vitalis.com.co We will give you a response and follow-up as soon as possible..


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