200 security booths were donated to 160 hospitals in the country

These implements were delivered to health professionals in different cities of the country.

According to statistics from the National Institute of Health, to date there are 1198 positive cases among members of the medical staff in the country, including 12 deceased.

For this reason, the Vitalis company donated 200 cabins to 160 hospitals in 39 cities of the national territory, in order to increase protection and care measures for health professionals against the risk of contagion by Covid-19, which act as a protective barrier between health personnel and the patient.

The cabins have four faces and two holes in the back through which the doctor performs intubation and extubation processes for patients that require it..

“One of our main pillars is the safety of the patient and that of the treating medical staff.. For this reason, in our commitment to preserve health, we are providing solutions to protect all the heroes who are fighting to care for thousands of patients in this contingency ”adds Santiago Garnica, Vitalis Patient Safety Leader.

The expert, stressed that it is vitally important that health professionals treating patients with the virus are protected by equipment that reduces contact with secretions and aerosols generated during intubation, extubation and other associated medical procedures.

"We are in the middle of a critical health situation and without a doubt these cameras will be a fundamental factor in preventing the contagion of medical teams that are treating patients infected with this virus" declared Alejandro Rey, Intensive anesthesiologist and head of Critical Medicine and Intensive Care at the Centro Clinic in Barranquilla.

The initiative emerged last January in Taiwan, where a group of doctors, concerned about the risk of being infected during these procedures, designed to provide additional protection to healthcare workers. This concept spread rapidly in the countries of that region and was called "Taiwan box" or "Aerosol box".

Due to the original design of the box is completely square and the edges reduce the visibility in key areas of the face and neck of the patient, one of the improvements made is a diagonal cut that allows optimizing this situation.

further, different sizes were designed to optimally cover the needs of different hospital areas such as operating rooms, ICU and emergency units. The cabinets are made of acrylic that allows a high degree of transparency, endurance, ease of cleaning and disinfection.

Some of the cities benefited by this initiative are Bogotá, Tunja, Cali, Duitama and Barranquilla.



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